Head, Wilson, Athletic DNA Sponsor

Hey guys,
I'm not a highly ranked player, but I do play Varsity at my High School However, I have received several sponsorship offers. Currently I have a half-sponsorship with Solinco. I have been given offers from United Sports and Vantage. Additionally, I have some Division 3 schools looking at me for tennis.

I was wondering if I can get an email address to contact a rep for Head, Wilson, or Athletic DNA. I'm very interested in those three companies at the moment and would love if I can talk to them to hopefully get some discounts.

Thank you
How'd u get vantage?and united sports? What discounts?

Not quite exactly sure how I got it.

Vantage offered me a package of 3 rackets, bag, hat, stencil for $399 ($800 retail).

United Sports offered me a sponsorship for discounts but I'm not sure exactly what the discounts are.

Currently, I'm on a half-sponsorship with Solinco.