Head Youtek IG Extreme OS


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Head Youtek IG Extreme OS in its specs is rated as Power Level "Medium-High".

However, Babolat Pure Drive 107 GT, with almost identical specs, is rated as Power Level "Low-Medium". Their specs are almost identical (head size, weight, balance, stifness, beam width, string pattern, ...).

Is this possible? I want a powerful raquet easier to play than my current AeroPro Drive GT and, if is is confirmed this power level rating, my fisrt choice would be Head Youtek IG Extreme OS, but I wanted confirmation about this.


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Try not to pay to much attention to the power level that they tell you on the specs.
Why? Because I have a AeroPro Drive GT+, and the power level they say is low-medium, and I will tell you right now that that racquet has plenty of power.
So don't just assume things just by looking at the specs or the "power level", maybe try hitting it and have your own opinion of what the power level is.