Heavier, smaller head size for a 3.5 player? Also hi, i'm new!

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    Feb 3, 2012
    Long read and intro, tldr at bottom.

    So I haven't been playing toooo long, but I am athletic and I got bit bad by the bug and at times have been playing 25-30 hours a week. I went from never touching a racket to playing on a C5 mixed doubles team at line 5 to playing mens doubles, mixed doubles, and singles flex leagues almost non stop year round.

    Since my entry into singles a month or so after I started I won city finals at 2.5, then won all matches at 3.0- and got excluded from playoffs and bumped to 3.0 and still haven't lost a match of singles. I will be at 3.5 this season and I am not sure where I will level off, but a couple of my hitting partners and brother in law are 4.0 ish players and I am able to hit well with them.

    Anyway when I entered singles I demo'd about 15 rackets to pick one other than what my step mom bought me for XMas that got everything started (KFactor pro team fx) and I ended up just loving the feel and how I played with the Wilson Pro Open BLX. It seems great for my level, and I know it is highly reviewed, but I recently cracked the pro team fx and I need a backup racket or an alternate racket.

    So I started demo'ing again. Tried most of the 100 in frames that I had tried before to see if anything changed, tried the Juice 100 blx, Head Prestige/radical/speed, new Pure Drive, and all of them felt inferior to my Pro Open for my style I guess. I stayed away from more advanced rackets because everyone has told me too, I haven't played long enough, etc. So I was thinking I would just get another Pro Open, but I kind of wanted something different for different situations. I play on a B mixed team now and while I feel very solid at singles I get pushed around a bit at the net by powerful ground strokes with the Pro Open.


    So I am a 3.5 ish player that uses Pro Open BLX which I enjoy, but I feel that I get pushed around in doubles by strong male players, and I feel that it might have just a bit too much power. The power may also be because my local pro/coach guy makes me (at knife point) use a full bed of low tension poly (45 lbs). I have demo'd most of the 100 in 'tweeners', but none felt as good as the Pro Open for me maybe because of previous use. My only backup racket cracked so I was thinking of just getting another pro open.

    I finally decided to try the Juice Pro 96 in head, heavier racket, and it was like it just clicked. I feel so much more solid at the net, and with my 2 hand backhand, overheads, and all around really it just feels great. Especially volleys, strong serve returns, and overheads. Also taking lobs out of the air with a forehand feels so natural and solid compared to the other rackets I have tried. The only downside I felt at all was that forehand topspin was a tiny bit less forgiving on mishits.

    The only thing holding me back from buying it is my level, and seeing recommendations that it is a 4.5+ racket on this site. Why is it bad for me to use a racket like this? What should keep me away from it? I understand some player frames, thin frame control sticks, etc. aren't for me and I feel it when I demo, but this feels like a more solid version of what I am already comfortable with.
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    It's not bad at all for you to use that racket at 3.5. The guidelines here and on company sites are merely guideline. I'm a 3.5 player and always use sticks that are recommended for 4.0 or 4.5 and up. I'm about to purchase a Pure Drive Roddick because I demoed it and absolutely loved it. Talking to my local store, they said a number of 3.5 customers use the PDR because they like the stability and plow through you get with a solid smooth full swing.

    If you demoed the Juice Pro and loved it, then get it! Don't let the general guidelines steer you away.

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