heavy raquets (over 400 grs) (sampras ps 6.0)


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Hi guys lon g time since my last post over here...

Anyone of you know the weight of the pros raquets???

are they around 360/370/380 GRAMS ????

Is there a pro using a raquet over 400 grams?

I think sampras used to customize his PS 6.0 and the weight was close to the 400s....

Do you have a list of the pros of today and the weight,balance and SW of their sticks???

Thanks a lot



Racquet weights have gone lighter, lighter than Sampras's era at least. Well, as far as the Top 10 goes, they're pretty light.



There are a few threads dedicated to this that list the details of many of the current pros. Do a search and you will find them.

To answer your question though, based on the lists I have seen, it seems like the 'modern average' is hovering around 355-365 grams with a swing weight of about 350.

Doubles specialists look to have heavier sticks than their singles counterparts and there are indeed a few pros out there with sticks around 380-400 grams and swing weights around 400 as well.