Help customizing a PD+ please...


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Hello all, I have a couple of the original Pure Drive +'s laying around and was wondering if I could get some help with how to mod them to match what I want. The sticks have a static unstrung weight of 300 g and a swingweight of 300 as well. Theoretically, I would like them to be about 20 g heavier (not including string) and swing at about 335 SW (with string). I will counter most of the weight in the butt, but not quite all of it, possibly changing the 6pt HL balance to something more like 4pt HL. So, for all of you individuals more adept at this than me, where do I add the weight. I know that this leaves me with about 12g to raise the SW by 35, so where do those 12g go? Do I need some at the tip? Can it all go at 3 and 9 O'Clock? Here is what I want once again:
+20 g
35 SW
2pts More HH (making it 4pts HL)
Thanks again!