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I have been playing tennis for a year now, I was participating in a group lesson twice a week. Some years ago I had bought a Wilson US Open ( its 2008 model I guess) racquet (110sq.inch. Titanium/graphite) from Sports Authority that was on sale since I did not know if I would like tennis, so I was trying to keep the price low. Since I really enjoy tennis I would like to buy a racquet that will help me progress and will keep it for some years. I was thiking to buy a tweener and based just on the specs/reviews I am thinking Babolat APDGT or Wilson BLX Pro Open. Unfortunately I dont know any store with demo program where I live so I would like some help from the most experienced guys.

I have tried the following, I have no idea about strings/tension + it was on a different time period.
- BLX pro tour: liked it a lot, it felt powerful, I had to slow down in order not to send the ball over the fence
- head youtek IG exreme MP: I did not like it, most of the times I was sending it to the net and felt "dead" if it makes any sense. It was L2 while I use L4 so it might be also an issue.

I was expecting to be the other way round since 100sq should outpower the 95sq, so it made the choise even more difficult. I dont know if anyone has any idea about my current racquet (I guess its quite crappy), I have noticed that when I try to hit against fast balls it feels somehow shaky and light.

What do you guys think, should I buy one of the apdgt or PO or start looking to another racquet category? I was thiking that even if I dont like apdgt it will have some reselling value due to the hype (one reason that I dont like this racques is the hype)


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Can't help you with your specific question, but Tennis Warehouse has an awesome demo program, where you just pay for shipping on the racquets and you can use them for about a week, then send them back. Pretty sweet deal.
Thans for the reply, I know its a great programme but I dont live in the US so unfortunately I cannot use it...

Is there anyone that could help with the dillema??

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An APDGT may be a good racquet for you depending on how you play. Do you play old school and hit flat shots or are you into the modern game with signifcant top spin? Clearly the APDGT is built for spin.
The other issue is whether you are concerned about a racquet causing arm problems. While I believe that technique always plays a part in developing arm problems, racquets that are stiff like the APDGT, are more prone to causing such problems, all other factors being equal.
If so, a Head Radical (especially the Microgel version which is on sale) is a good racquet and arm friendly. It is not however, specifically designed for spin, although I felt like I got plenty with it.