Help! i can't find the right racquet for me


I've played with the Babolat Pure Control and i liked that. I cracked so I demo a few racquets and i can't find the right racquet.

Tested racquets:
Wilson Nsix-one tour 90 (to demanding, small headsize)
Head Flexpoint Prestige MP ( don't like a dense string pattern)
Head Liquidmetal Instinct (string pattern, thick beam)
Prince O3 tour mp (can't serve with it)
Fischer M Speed Pro Number One (my forehand blew)
Babolat aeropro control (like it but very stiff)
Yonex RDX 500 MP (can't serve with it)

Demo List:
Wilson ksix-one tour 95
Volkl DNX 10 mid

My playstyle: I've a big surve, a baseliner with a fast forehand and a 2 handed backhand

About me: Height: 6'4''
Weight: 167 lbs

What racquets suits to me??

Bottle Rocket

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I've played with the Babolat Pure Control and i liked that... What racquets suits to me??

... The Pure Control!

The most similar racket out there to the PC is probably the nSix-One or kSix-One 95.

I can't understand why you wouldn't just get another PC though. If you liked it and can't find anything else, why keep looking?


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If the only problem with the RDX 500 MP was that you couldn't serve with it, then try the RDS 001 MP. Also try the Technifibre T-Fight series.

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I've tried the Prince O3 Hybrid Tour and I think it's really underrated - you may be able to crank from the baseline big-time with that one.

If you're trying the DNX 10 mid, you might want to try the midplus along with it, but it doesn't seem to be a super hot serving stick according to its feedback. It looks like it really shines in the control and spin department despite a denser pattern.

I go to net a lot and my old Prostaff 6.1 Classics still work great for me, especially in doubles with really quick exchanges. If I were one to camp on the baseline though, I can really thump the ball with my LM Prestige mid and I'd use it a lot more often for grinding. For me, it may be the best serving racquet that I'll ever use, but it's a heavy beast and it doesn't let me get away with casual swings.