Help! I wanna go to Indian Wells!


Hi everyone. my spring break starts on the friday before the finals, so i wanna get to indian wells on the 17th and 18th to watch the mens semis/women finals and then the men's finals. How can I get tickets? I'd like to get the best possible seats and everything. What all things do i need to plan for this?
The local paper is the DESSERT SUN
you can pull it up by- PALM SPRINGS NEWSPAPER

It may have some day-to-day help in figuring out what is going on at any particular time- I have NOT seen tickets in the classifieds- BUT
you could run an ad(?) if you want REALLY good tickets

Understand that these will not be cheap by ANY shot

1. Go really, really early (like 6AM) before the gates open if you want to see and sign/watch the top players walk in from the NORTH parking lot to the player's trailer

2. Just so you can get a jist of the cost of the valley- the food inside the tennis facility is cheaper than the food outside in the towns- compare that to like a baseball stadium Vs. outside.
I suggest the DELI section(s) of the grocery stores (like) RALPHS

3. Guy who makes Gookinaide will sell you a bottle and all the refills for one price in the vendor tent area- a good deal


search this forum for the four or so other threads that answer these questions, there is a lot of information in them (one here in travel, I think there are two in Pro discussion).

If you really want tickets for the final weekend, get them in advance, pretty sure they sell out.


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Great tip on the Gookinade. He got pissed at me when i kept fillin up my own water bottle, but i'm like what's the difference between that and just filling up the little cup more often.


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It probably does, but the cup just gets thrown away right after a drinking. He could reduce overhead on the cups if he let people fill up their own containers.