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    Nov 1, 2011
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    Guys (and Gals) i need help in choosing i new machine! my current machine has broken so many times in the past year that i've got so naffed off with it, im buying a new one!

    I am 17 but have been stringing for around 2 years, completed the Professional racket stringer with the UKRSA and was taught by Liam Nolan. I average around about 10 rackets a week (excluding my own and my brothers rackets) but i am hoping to get a deal with a local sports shop which means i will string rackets on behalf of them (and NO, they don't have a machine or are willing to buy one :( or i would ask for a baiardo ;)). Also hoping to cut deals with local squash clubs, racketball clubs and leisure centres. Yes, i am branching out.

    ANY HOW, i have my eye on two machines. A Tyger String-Profi69 from tennis planet uk and a gamma progression st 2. Both of these machines i can get for £500 brand new but obviously it is a lot of money to me and need to buy one that can handle plenty of rackets. I know 10 a week doesn't sound many to most of you, but players near me don't fuss about strings and it rains 364 days of the year haha!

    All i want is a decent manual/electronic machine that can handle many years of slaughter.

    Feel free to advise any machines but bear in mind i live in the UK. (sadly)
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    Never heard of Tyger before but I checked out that stringer and it "looks" really nice.

    I think for the same price I'd strongly consider that Tyger because it has the stand already.

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