help me pick a racquet


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need help please
i use the 2013 APD but it gives me elbow pain.
Tried EXO3 tour the other day. No elbow pain but don't really like the dead/muted feel and lack of power. Tried using volkl o10 295 but don't like the handle shape.

Can anyone suggest a racquet with the power and spin potential like the APD but easier on the arm?

how does these compare?
Yonex vcore tour 97 310
yonex ezone xi 98



I left the APD OG for a PK 7G. I still get great spin, power when I want it and tons more control. While it is easier on the arm, it wasn't the only thing I changed to alleviate the problem. The biggest benefit I think is that the Kinetic system works like an active stabilizer. Whenever I hit with other racquets (esp. my old APD), I can feel them twist. Not so with the 7. I think this helps the arm as well as enhances control. Only real negative was I lost some agressiveness on service returns, most likely due to a decrease in power. All in all, a much better racquet for me.