Help me pick a Volkl 10 please!!


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I’m needing help deciding which volkl 10 to choose.

I’m in Thailand so my selection is limited.

Rackets I’ve enjoyed vs not…

-Wilson NPS 95 ( current racket…love the pop, control and RA)
-Wilson PS 95s (white…love it but can’t afford strings)
-Prestige Graphene (liked it but no pop like Wilson)
-radical graphene(too much power for me)
-radical Microgel (felt plush but not the pop the Wilsons have)
-babolat pure storm tour GT (great plush feel but lacking pop…still too much power for me)

everything above was strung with SG or multi at 60-62lb.

volkls available to me to purchase:

-C10 Pro (“classic 10 pro”)
-C10Pro (c10 in black and the “pro” in red)
-tour 10 midplus (I think gen 1)

-power bridge 10
-organix 10
-tour 10 v engine
(The last three are double the price of the top three)

Based on what I seem to like the feel of, what would you recommend?


They are all good choices. My favourite is either the Tour 10mp Gen1 or the Tour 10 V Engine MP. With the C10 I prefer the predominantly yellow version that came out around 2011. With the Orgsnix I prefer the updated Super G versions 325. If you can pick up a good condition Gen 1, that would be a very nice frame:


Pb mid10 can be weighted up and still swings fasti
i got up to 397g and could have gone higher.
can get an attaché case for them, like something out of John Wick


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I decided to go ahead with the Tour 10 MP but haven’t hit with it yet. I was able to borrow someone’s Organix 10 (yellow 295) for about an hour. Unfortunately it had full bed of poly that was about 2.5 years old….but it hit pretty surprisingly well! I still think my old Wilson NPS has more feel, but the O10 had a nice balance of comfort when taking it easy but also the ability to hit out without it sailing long. I may have to consider a second Volkl stick.


I have 2008 C10 Pros with the red lettering, Tour 10 Mid both 1st Gen and V-Engine and a pair of Tour 10 MP 98s 1st Gen. I really enjoy them all but if I have to play for points with a doubles partner who cares about winning I would use the 98 18x20 MPs. They weigh about 11.5oz whereas the others hover around 12 oz +/-.
I play with the Becker London Tour, which is a similar 93 mold to the PB10, and it plays bigger than a 93. It depends on what you want, but I wouldn't fear the 93 if you can get your hands on a few.