Help me to find a used car for 20k


what u would buy and do you think this is a nice pick by me?

i studied a lot, need a travel car, i like hatchbacks - and i dont like limusines. Im a big Subaru fan but i cant afford it (would like the Outback model)

this is what i was thinking about:

Mileage: 44,462 km
First registration: 06/2016
Final price: € 19,880.-

and if i had a little more then... :

oh man, this one is really nasty.

any recommendations are welcome...
what i like about this 192 horse power car its that its a little sporty can really enjoy it they say :p



A friend just bought a 2017 Toyota Rav4, 24k miles, for $19,000. $21,300 out the door.

But, I really like the Mazda 6. Will probably be my next car. Sporty, comfortable ride,good mpg, reliable. I'd want to see a Carfax and make sure the car isn't a rental though.
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Toyota Corolla isn't a bad car. You could get a new one for < € 20,000 and have a full warranty. Mazda and Toyota rate really high in reliability if that's what you are looking for.
My daily driver is a 2016 Toyota RAV4 awd and I think it is great. It gets good mileage and does a lot better than I thought it would in snow. It can't do what my truck did but it does more than a passenger car in terms of utility. Not the most masculine vehicle but I have a couple of weekend cars as well.


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Why not ask Rusty ? He was buying a used car a couple of years ago. By now he should be interested in selling it. Long thread iirc.

That mazda you are looking at looks suspiciously like the used on I had in SC in 1995. I had to do a lot of repairs on it every month. It was grey and there was some kind of rust or cracking on the roof. Be careful.


Mazda6 is a great car (previous gen) and is miles better than Accord and Camry. They could not get the Skyactiv-X in time for this gen though and they screwed up with the looks.
One bad thing about it is that it is not a HB. I'd never buy a sedan car for practicality. HB saves your life a few times a year.


I go with a Civic or Carolla for your needs. It is reliable, parts are cheap and can be repair by anyone. It is sporty hatchback car too! High mpg.