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    May 11, 2004
    I have this problem with my forehand that only happens when I'm playing singles. I used to play on the 5.0 doubles team and wasn't losing too many matches and was pretty much able to do what I wanted to do with my forehand.

    Now, I have started to play singles more than doubles and, once I get tired during the course of the set, my forehand starts to break down tremendously and I start spraying balls all over the place. Basically, it feels like when I get tired, I have a much harder time controlling my forehand and I am losing many points because of it. I have tried a number of things in order to fix this problem.

    I was using a Western grip and I am now using a semi-Western grip to try to stabilize my forehand a little bit. In addition, I noticed that players like Federer are always looking through the ball and so I started to look at the ball and really watch the ball make contact with the strings. This also seems to stabilize somewhat my forehand.

    Does anyone have any comments about this or any ideas that might help. Right now, I really feel like my forehand is holding back my singles game and I feel like the majority of the matches that I am losing are because of my forehand. Thanks again for any help that you might have.


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