help on groundstrokes.

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  1. The_Punisher

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    Sep 16, 2007
    ok, how do i keep my groundstrokes low? i mean, i think i have good form, since i spent an entire summer doing summer camps and hitting 5 days a week and i worked with various coaches on form.

    i've moved away from hitting flat and im starting to hit with as much topspin as possible to throw off my opponent. i have a fast swing speed and i brush up on the ball as hard as i can in a windshield wiper motion. its consistent and its working, but i just want to know how to keep my groundstrokes nice and low over the net. with the amount of topspin i put on it, the ball is passing over the net at like...2-3 feet and higher..................

    anyone got any suggestions on how i can keep my groundstrokes low?

    any help is greatly appreciated, thanks :D
  2. Seifersquall1

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    Sep 7, 2007
    I think you should bend your knees. This help keeps the racquet at waist level.
  3. Bagumbawalla

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    Jun 24, 2006
    What you need to do, now, is learn to control the amount of topspin applied to the ball and the speed/force with wich you hit the ball.

    In other words, you need to start experimenting a little bit for yourself.

    And this is not something you can just read about and start doing in a match, next Saturday. You have to PRACTICE.

    So, first, find yourself a practice partner with infinite patience who will hit you ball after ball to your comfort zone (or get/rent/borrow) a ball machine).

    From your description it sounds like you are putting excessive/supurfluous topspin on the ball-- so what you get is a "moonball" that sails high above he net and lands safely deep in the opposite court.

    Say your ball normally arcs about 6' above the net and lands 3 or 4 feet from the baseline.

    Start by "aiming" the ball lower over the net, say 4 feet at first. If all else remains the same, your ball will now be landing short, about midcourt.

    To get the ball deep, again, you need to hit more THROUGH the ball (and less up).

    In other words, assuming the amount of force (of your stroke) is the same, you can use up that force in creating spin or in creating forward motion- or in some combination, inbetween. What you need to do is experiment with finding the right combination (for your amount of power) of spin and forward momentum.

    So as you bring the ball, lower and lower, you will be taking away some of the upward "brushing" and replacing that with forward followthrough.

    As a rule of thumb, if you are keeping the ball deep in the opposite court, with a good balance of spin and power, your ball will travel aboout 3' above the net. Probably, that is what you should try for at first (depending on your level/rating).

    Then, start mixing it up. Use more or less topspin as the situation requires.

    If you want to drop the ball at a net-rusher's feet, aim low with lots of topspin, the ball will dip down quickly. You want to pin someone to the baseline and make them regret they were ever born, hit the way you are hitting now. So they don't groove to your shots, vary your spin(s) and pace.

    And when you have practiced, then it is time for your partner to do the same.

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