HELP ... Pain in arch from YONEX SHOES!!!!

Liam Grennon

So yesterday, my brand spanking new yonex eclipsion shoes (black and pink) came in the mail... I try them on at home and they feel great! Then I get out onto the court and do some suicides and bam my arch and then whole foot was killing me. The pain went away when I lifted my foot off the ground... My old shoe the vapor, I was wearing a size 7.5 and because people said they fit a little small I went to a size 8.... If anyone has had a similar issue please comment below or if you just have a possible solution. I'm thinking about taking out the yonex insole and putting in the vapor or buying some from ***** or a shoe store. I always thought I had higher arches, and these shoes are marketed to with arch support!

Al Czervik

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A supportive hard insole like Superfeet might work. Unfortunately, there are some models that just don't fit you right. I wanted to like Vapor 6 and Courtballistec 2.3, but they just hurt my feet so much.
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You aren't the only one who experienced it. One of the TW reviewers went through the same thing. Unfortunately, that's why he stopped wearing the shoe.
I had same issue last week with my ubersonics i had replaced the insole and it was painful so i just changed them back to the originals since you said the shoes are new that might be a reason but you should also try what soccer players do with their shoes but do it on the insoles dip them im really hot water or steam and then whilst wearing a sock put the insole back in the shoe quickly and put your foot and walk a bit so that the shoe gets molded to your foot.


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Both soles wore off in NO TIME ... laces wore off as well... these shoes just don't last at all ... and they feel weird on the feet (I got used to that feeling, but I got blisters originally)
never had any issues with either Barricades of Zoom Vapors ... my Yonex Shoe experiment is over . . .


You might need to look into orthodics which you can wear in any tennis shoe you have without getting arch problems or foot problems in general. I find that manufacturers insoles are pretty useless after a few heavy duty outings on the court, whereas the orthodics will last 3 years minimum.


I had the same experience with yonex308, so instead of playing Tennis I started using them for Gym and after a while they became comfortable and stopped bothering my arch.


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I'm about an hour from another large internet tennis retailer so I've tried on a number of brands (but I still buy >90% of all tennis stuff from TW). The Yonex I tried felt well cushioned, but the arch was wrong for me. Asics GRs fit my feet perfectly.