Help Save My Toes


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Thanks to a poorly healed broken toe on the left and a torn one on the right, I need a big toe box with a soft upper. I'm not a fan of NB and other brands with a decent toe box seem to run large all around so the heel slips (Diadora). The only shoe I've found with room, cushioning and support is the KSwiss RS Defier, but I'd like to try something a little more ergonomic and/or lighter. I'm getting tired of trying every shoe at TW in multiple sizes and I'm sure they are tired of me trying and returning so many pairs too. Any suggestions from the pros on these boards?


I went to the doctor 3 days ago because of toe pains... It turns out both of my big toes have a broken sesamoid bone in it so now I have to get special pads made to be put in my shoes.

You should go see a podiatrist so that they can make pads for you. Sounds like you have the same problem as me.


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Ouch. Went to a podiatrist who diagnosed one of the toes as Morton's Neuroma and said surgery was 50/50 so I opted to keep playing; just need to find a forgiving shoe. Good luck with yours...


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Most Babolat shoes don't need a break in...they have ortholite insoles already installed in them (new models)...they are generally a wide fit...
But I'm biased lol...Definitely worth a try especially the team all court 4...(they run a little small, so order 1/2 a size bigger)


I've tried out my friends Barricades V when he just bought them and there were so much space. You might want to cushion that toe of yours (athletic tape, gauze, cotton balls) and try those shoes on if you can.