help to choice the good racket !



i've ever create a thread!!
i'm a 5.5 plevel player with a two handed backhand no powerfull, i put the ball where i want but i need power, i've a great forehand with very little spin, and i finish the point with flat forehand!!

so i was playing with prestige mp but she is to underpower in a long match, and not enough powerfull and forgiving in my backhand

so i decided to play with babolat pure drive roddick and wilson blx pro open, they are great for serves, backhand deffense, but i don't arrive to do a flat forehand(70% of my game)

Which racket could be great for me ?
help i sell all my racket and i'm in tournament this week end!!


if you liked prestige mp, you can make it much more powerful by just adding some lead at either 12 or 10 and 2


I agree with BigBang, Try the Prestige Pro. Open stringbed allows for more power and spin. Maintains control on flat shots. Shoulldn't have to change your strokes much from Prestige MP.