HELP! Wilson RF97 to Blade 16x19 Questions


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Hey guys,

So I've been playing tennis for about 3 years. I'm a 3.5-4 level depending on the day—according to some local pros who have seen me play. I'd say I lean more towards 3.5 just because I don't play as much as I did.

I started with a Project OneSeven Pure Strike and enjoyed it. But I was gifted the RF97 Autograph a few months ago and loved the stick. I'm not a big guy, about 5'8, 150 lbs, but the stiffness didn't really bother me a ton. Adore the control and the plow through I got when I was hitting well.

Tried going back to the Strike and really hated it.

That being said, I plan on playing a lot more this summer—3 times a week—and am a bit worried about my arm in the long term. Recently I felt a slight soreness towards the end of long sets, but again, I love the racket and it's helped me with my mechanics and footwork in order not to miss balls.

I was leaning on picking up a Wilson Blade 98 16x19 and mixing that in. My question is will that change my game a ton or will using both during match and practice play be fine? I wanted it as a lighter alternative and I'm a big Wilson fan.



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Do you think it will be a huge difference between if I want to switch back and forth on different days? I really enjoy the RF, so don't want to give it up totally :)

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I would not recommend having two different racquets you switch between if you plan on competing or playing somewhat seriously. If you are just playing with friends and enjoying it, but not tournaments, then it wouldn't be bad. Those two racquets are both similar in style so it won't be too bad.

That being said, if you want a slightly lighter version of the RF you could always just go for the regular 97, maybe even add a little lead tape to get it in between the regular 97 and the RF. You can use the TW University calculators to figure out where and how much to put it to get the specs you want. Also, while I haven't played with it myself, I've heard great things about the Ultra Tour. Nothing like the other ultras that are stiff and relatively powerful, all-around racquets, but actually a low RA, classic, more control-oriented racquet. That's all hearsay though, I have not been able to try it out myself.


What string and tension do you have in the RF? Maybe softening up the string bed will help your arm. It is a heavy frame though.

The older Blades (2015) are more arm friendly than the CV Blades IMO and every bit as good. CV is all marketing hype IMO.

I have no problem switching frames from one day to the next. I use Phantom 100 when my arm is feeling a bit sore. Phantom 93P for doubles matches. Prince Classic Graphite 107 for singles matches. It doesn't seem to affect my game at all. My brain adjusts pretty quickly.