Help with alternative to 360 Radical Pro


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Hi! I am in sort of a jam, and would very much appreciate any help you guys could give me.

I've been trying out the 360 Radical Pro and in general I really like the results, i.e. my game has improved. But I absolutely hate the feel (and the sound): too stiff, with a really dull sweetspot. In match play, who cares, if things are going great. But I mostly play for the fun of it, hence feel is important. Could anyone give me a hint about a racquet with similar characteristics but better feel? That is: more responsive, with better feedback and connection to the ball.

I have used the TW similar racquets tool, but it recommended mostly Babolats I have no interest of trying out.

Although I am not an advanced player, I am used to player type frames: Volkl C10, Wilson Ultra Tour (weighted), RF97A and most recently the Yonex Vcore Pro 97HD. This is my current racquet of choice. Lately I even added a leather grip to them, which enhances the feel even more. I love them! But they are getting heavy. It it is obvious I can't produce the same swing speed as with the Head Radical. Everything suffers in comparison really, since the racquet is so easy to get around.

The Head Radical Pro is my first real experience of a "modern" racquet: lightweight and firm. I have been avoiding them for several reasons, but one has been the fact that I feared this issue would arise: it makes the play easier, but the feel is missing (and I feel like I am cheating, I demand of myself that I can hit the same kind of shots with a heavier, softer frame, which is of course kind of stupid.)

But I still feel a lighter, more powerful racquet may be the way to go, if the feel is there. So I would be very thankful for any recommendations! I'm prone to switching and trying out racquets, so a few alternatives have already been dismissed: the Blade, and the Ezone line.

I could keep trying out racquets by myself but my hope is posting here on TTTW will speed up the process, thanks to your collected knowledge and experience. ✌


If you like the Vcore HD, maybe try the Vcore 97 310g. It has the same weight of the radical Pro and a similar stringbed. It should be a bit easier to swing than the HD. Also, the clash 98 may work.


I actually love the way my 360 Radical Pro's feel at contact, but was looking for something that maybe was a bit more "traditional" feeling (best of both worlds type affair).

Currently using the 360+ Prestige Pro which kind of fits the bill, so I'd recommend that.

It definitely feels more modern than my other Prestiges, but isn't as far gone as the 360 Radical Pro.
I would seriously look at the Dunlop CX200+ or if you're not opposed to an 18x20... the Gravity Tour. I played with the Graphene Radical and XT versions for a long time. They lost me with the Graphene Touch version which in my opinion was awful. Still haven't had a chance to swing the Radical 360, but I'm holding out for the 360+ version. Had to give up on the XT due to some arm issues. CX200+ will give you similar power/spin/control levels with more of a classic feel. The swing weight is higher, but it's still pretty easy to maneuver in my experience.


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Thank you so very much for your suggestions. Deeply appreciated. I have considered the 310g Vcore Pro, and the Clash as well. The 360+ Prestige also sounds promising. I had completely forgotten about Dunlop, so great suggestions there!

The Gravity have popped into my mind several times, seems that a lot of people like it. Another racquet I am considering is the Tecnifibre Tf40 305. Have any of you had any experience with that? Not really sure how well it compares to a Radical, but the specs and reviews seems promising.
I am looking forward to the 360+ Radical due next year (currently use the first ten graphene radical pro). From the sounds of glowing reviews of the softer feel of 360+ racquets that are out now such as the speed, prestige, and gravity line, it may be just what you are looking for. Performance of the Graphene Radical plus the more classic/softer feel sounds awesome.
This is going to sound like a strange option but look into the Head Microgel Extreme MP, it can be found on an outside retailers site for pretty cheap and since I've been trying it out recently I can vouch that it's like a softer tweener with great feel and the extra .25 inch is nice for my 2HBH. Also, the swing weight is at a point where it's good enough in stock form to handle some heat but can also be modified without becoming too heavy. No modern radical is going to feel as good as the one from the IG days so if you wanna stick with the radical, your best bet is to find one of those on auction sites or in the FS section.


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Sensible advice. Thanks! When it arrives, I will be eager to give it a try. But I'm not patient enough to wait that long. :)

Interesting about the Extreme, gonna look into it! Right now I am leaning towards demoing the Tf40 305, Gravity and maybe the Dunlop.