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Hi TT admin team @TW Staff, I need some help with a recent Asics 6 month outsole warranty claim on some Gel Resolution 8's. A very small part of the $140.00 purchase ($151.20 total with tax) was made with a previous partial leftover sole credit ($11.83) which essentially barely covered the tax on the purchase ($11.20). The remaining majority of $139.97 was paid on my credit card. I returned the shoes with a note and received a reply that since the shoes were purchased with a sole credit they would not be providing a warranty credit. The shoes were worn through the outsole to the midsole foam in 5 months and qualify for the warranty claim.

The response from the CS team does not make sense as $139.97 out of the $140.00 purchase was a cash purchase. Can you please help?
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I have passed this along to one of our customer service supervisors to look over.

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