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Discussion in 'Tennis Tips/Instruction' started by redmars46, Oct 19, 2009.

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    Aug 25, 2009
    I was out practicing some serves when a player approached me and asked me what grip I was using. I showed him and he said I should be using this instead -- he rotates my racquet a little bit.

    All this time I thought I was using the continental grip but apparently not! My index knuckle was on the edge in between bevels 2 and 3, however this makes me feel exactly if I were holding a hammer (properly). According to FYB and many other sources, my knuckle should be solely on bevel 2 (what that player showed me).

    However, the way I hold my grip (A), the knuckle and 'heel pad' are never exactly on the same bevel. When I put my knuckle on bevel 2, it feels as if I'm holding a slightly eastern backhand grip!

    If I were to use Grip B, my knuckle and heel pad would align, the racquet would orient exactly as I expect and I would've listened to a former instructor...but I feel it prevents me from really whipping my arm like Grip A allows.


    So now the questions (finally!):

    1. Should I adopt Grip B?
    2. Since my grip (A) is a bit different, the continental grip is knuckle between bevel 2 and 3?
    3. Other insight?

    Thanks in advance.
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    It sound like your grip A is a "hammer" version of a semi-continental grip. Hammer grips tend to put the racquet at right angles to the arm. If you put the base index knuckle and the heel pad on the same bevel, the racquet handle lays across the hand diagonally and the racquet is more of an extension of your arm (rather than perpendicular to it). The telltale gap between the index finger and the middle finger is an indication that the racquet handle lays diagonally across your hand. This is usually preferable to having all your fingers bunched together in a "hammer" grip.

    Serena W often uses a semi-continental grip on first serves. However, I do not believe that she uses a hammer version of this. Player do use some variations of the standard continental and Eastern BH grips for serving. They may alter either the position of the base index knuckle slightly or may have the heel pad offset somewhat.

    The USPTA document (below) shows the heel pad and the base index knickle on the same bevel for various grips. This appears to be somewhat different from the USPTA grip documents that I saw a few years back. In those, the heel pad was slightly offset for many of the grips.

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