help with hybrid string configuration needed

Discussion in 'Strings' started by yogisri, Sep 15, 2012.

  1. yogisri

    yogisri New User

    Jul 26, 2011
    I've never used hybrid strings before so wanted to give it a shot.
    What I'm confused about it what to put in mains and crosses and at what tension.
    What is a general criterion to determine what tension I should have at the mains and crosses?

    I was looking at
    Solinco Tour Bite 17 & Vanquish 16 Hybrid String
    I'm not sure what strings should go where.
    Any help is appreciated.

  2. Bowtiesarecool

    Bowtiesarecool Rookie

    Aug 27, 2012
    New Smyrna Beach, FL
    Tour Bite in the mains, multi in the cross.

    putting an edged/textured string in the cross will do absolutely nothing to benefit you. Mains do the most of the work on the ball, crosses have a greater effect on tension and feel.
  3. lcalamar

    lcalamar Rookie

    Nov 1, 2011
    I've tried a number of hybrid setups - to the point where I purchased a stringing machine so I don't break the bank experimenting.

    Of course it all comes down to what you are trying to get from your strings. Are you looking for power, control, arm friendly, spin, durability, etc... finding a decent combination of the above is why I switched to hybrid.

    One of the biggest reasons for hybrid in my experience is to get the positives of poly while not having a full bed of it.

    I am currently using the following poly/syngut combos:
    - MSV Co-Focus/OGSM and MSV FOcus Hex Soft/Forten Dynamix I get a little more control/crispiness with the former and more power/softer with the latter. I highly recommend both. They are also very cost-friendly solutions. I string them from 49-52lbs on the main and 4lbs higher on the crosses.

    I switched my wife to the MSV Focus Hex Soft/Forten hybrid but she didn't like it - her first real 'poly' experience.

    She is sticking to Head's IntelliString Hybrid which is a really wonderful string that plays very well. Much more forgiving than any poly mix and most of the benefits. She plays it at 55lbs and has sworn me to never change her string/tension again!

    I have also played with some of the Babolat poly/syngut combos you can try and for the cost I think the Babolat strings are highly over rated.

    You really don't have to buy costly strings to get a great hybrid setup. Too much marketing being done from that front.

    Also - be careful - trying different combinations gets to be very addictive - and expensive.

    Highly recommend stringing your own if you go down this path
  4. TennisCJC

    TennisCJC Legend

    Apr 20, 2010
    Mains determine how the racket will play.

    Poly has less power, feel and comfort. Poly has more spin, directional control.

    Multi has more spring/pop , feel and comfort. Multi has less spin and directional control.

    My personal guideline is if you are a baseline basher who only comes in to finish points when you have a big advantage in the point, then go with poly mains and the multi or syn gut in the cross.

    If you are an all court player or have a slower swing speed or like to S&V, then use the multi or syn gut in the mains and the poly in the cross.

    Also, some make the argument that no rec or intermediate level players should use poly. I don't agree with that approach. I think the vast majority on intermediate and above and learn to like a poly hybrid at low tensions especially if the multi is in the main.

    There is not a correct way to do it. Federer uses gut/poly and Murray uses poly/gut.

    Try a tension in the low-end of your racket's range and string the multi 3-5 lbs higher than the stiffer poly whichever way you go.
  5. NikeWilson

    NikeWilson Semi-Pro

    Mar 27, 2008
    Hybrids are a very nice arm-friendly set up(if used with a synthetic gut). I use a hybrid setup of Poly in the Mains, Synthetic Gut in the Crosses. It's great. It's very comfortable. To me it feels like a whole Multifilament setup, but more durable. It's got good power, control, comfort. I use a hexagonal-shaped poly, so the spin is good too.

    I've never used a hybrid setup of Synthetic Gut in the Mains, Poly in the crosses.
    To me, it just doesn't seem common-sensical. We all know that when we break strings, it's almost always the Main string, never the Cross string.
    So, you would figure that it makes more sense in putting the stronger string in the Mains and the weaker string in the Crosses. That's why we put the Polys in the Mains and the Synthetic Gut in the Crosses.
    And from experience, I almost never break strings anymore because the Poly Mains are so strong. Therefore, I usually end up cutting strings out when the setup loses too much tension after 3-4 weeks.
    On the other hand, if I had strung the setup with Synthetic Gut Mains and Poly Crosses, I'm fairly certain i would break my strings within 2 weeks(maybe less). Strictly because the Synthetic Gut in Mains breaks a lot easier than Poly.

    So, keep that in mind.
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  6. Bk_Mais

    Bk_Mais New User

    Jun 16, 2009
    Suggestions ?

    Thought I'd just plug my query in here instead of starting another thread.

    After being diagnosed with TE, have been playing with Multis for some time. Was on a break for a year and started playing again three months back and using babolat Excel 16 full-setup but it usually breaks in 2 weeks. I switched to a hybrid set-up of poly in mains and multis in cross for durability but it still just lasts 2 weeks. Tried Kirschbaum Spiky Shark 16 in mains and Gamma Live wire 17 in crosses. Any hybrid suggestions which would last me close to 4 weeks ? I am looking for comfort and durability. I am an all-courter rated NTRP 4.0.
  7. smirker

    smirker Hall of Fame

    Sep 15, 2007
    Cambridge UK
    To the OP, this is sensible advice and pretty much sums up your hybrid conundrum.
  8. schap02

    schap02 Semi-Pro

    Oct 20, 2008
    What is your current setup and what tension did you request the last time you had the stick restrung, if you have no clue, check inside the racquet or on TW site and you shoudl see a recommended tension range for your particular racquet...let us know and we can help out
  9. yogisri

    yogisri New User

    Jul 26, 2011
    Current tension

    My current tension is 57 lbs. I am using TecniFibre x-one Biphase 17G strings. I am getting a lot of spin but not enough power.
    I'm looking for more power since I've very good control.
  10. TennisCJC

    TennisCJC Legend

    Apr 20, 2010
    Poly strings in general REDUCE THE POWER level. Pros effectively get more CONTROLLABLE power because they can swing very fast and generate more spin with poly strings. So, you will not get more power going to a poly/multi or multi/poly hybrid than your current X1 BP setup. Try taking 2 lbs off tension down to 55 with x1 bp for more power. Or, try an all natural gut setup at 56-58 lbs.

    In the same racket with the same swing speed and at roughly the same tensions, poly strings produce slightly less power than gut, multi or syn gut.

    Try a gut/poly hybrid if you are willing to drop tension say down to 54/50 and work on swinging through your shots to generate more spin.

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