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Hi, first time posting a video (sorry for the portrait orientation :oops: now I know...)

Two things that jump out to me: not opening chest up to the sky enough and opening up too soon into the court. Am I on the right track? Later in the session I was working on getting the chest up/open and it seemed to be helping (unfortunately no video of those serves). Also, something seems a little weird during the racquet drop.

For USTA I play 4.5. My serve has never been a huge weapon but some days its great and some days not so much. Would like to become more consistent. Really don't care too much about hitting huge serves.

Lastly, I'm going to continue taking little video clips - is there an ideal angle for analyzing serves? Appreciate any help!


Your left hand is held up too long and blocks your motion slightly at contact. Reach out and then let it pull in as your rotate your shoulders.

On a positive note, you seem to have good internal rotation through contact.

In terms of video, I'd like to see a shot from behind at about head height and from the side. The shot from behind gives a good idea of how right or left the toss is, shows the contact point and gives a better idea of the shoulder and arm angles at contact.


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I think you observation about not opening your chest is right on. The motion is strong, but you start with your shoulders virtually open toward the target, so you get very little shoulder rotation during the serve. As a related point, you don't use much elbow drop or push forward at the hips during the toss. I think your motion looks a little rushed so your hips/torso/shoulders are not very active. I would suggest slowing the motion so you drop the elbow more (which would force you to rotate the shoulder).

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Great video! Please provide the camera and frame rate, and any other details. If smartphone, are there any issues that you have had handling or unloading the video to Youtube? Can you do stop action single frame on the court?

I compare serve videos to high level servers and point out what I believe are or might be differences.

Your serve looks excellent with unmistakeable internal shoulder rotation. Your high speed video is crystal clear.

Might your hitting arm be too vertical? Another video, with the camera behind the server looking along the ball's trajectory, would show the angle of the arm from that view.

Viewed from the side of the trajectory, the racket of a high level serve appears about vertical at impact, the arm at an angle. But from behind the server, looking along the trajectory, the racket of a RH servers tilts to left from vertical, and the arm tilts to the right. So what angle you see depends on the camera viewpoint.

I noticed one possible issue, do you bring the shoulder on the hitting side low enough? It would be nice to compare that issue to high level servers. But to see that a camera view to the side of the ball's trajectory is good (better than the view from behind the server). I hope that you can get a side view.

If you would not mind, could you say something about the instruction that you have received.
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