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    Jul 16, 2008
    I have an Eagnas Comet 11 and I went to string a Head Radical and at the LAST CROSS when I pulled it the 3rd one from the bottem broke, Okay so I did it again and The LAST CROSS when i pulled it this time that one broke. I noticed the Racquet "shifted" and that the thought mounting point kept coming loose after I pulled each cross. HELP!!!!
  2. jim e

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    Aug 4, 2007
    1st make sure that the mounting plates on the side arms are properly secure to the arms of the machine and are not loose themself, and if so then tighten the mounts. (in other words be sure the machine screws are tight that holds the mounting plates to the arms).

    Seems like what you mentioned was that the racquet was not mounted properly on the machines mount. With the type of mount that you have, place the 12 oclock and 6 oclock mounting posts (Billiards), lined up in position but rather loose. Now place both the side arms into position,since the sides both move together simultaneously you do not have to worry about centering the left from right, but put them to place rather loose 1st, then snug both up,make sure that the side mounts are all in contact with the frame of the racquet properly, touching the top and bottom of the racquet on each of the 4 side mounts, with no gaps between the racquet and mounting points on those side mounts as there are 8 points of contact with the side mounts, so be sure it is contacting at all 8 points.Then go back to the 12 oclock and 6 oclock posts and make rather snug (I make these rather tight against the top and throat, but not to deform the racquet. Now the racquet should not squirm when you hold the grip and try to move it if it does move it needs to be tighter, but caution you do not need to over tighten, just use your fingers, do not crank on it . Now you are set to go. It sounds like you did not have it mounted snug enough or possibly the side mounts may not have all been touching the racquet. Also look at the mounting direction, as there is an end for the handle, and an end for the head of the racquet. Be sure it was mounted in the proper direction as well. The racquet should not move at all. Although I have a different make machine than yours, the mounting is similar, and the suspension mounting on your machine is an easy mount that does not require much time or effort once you get to how it mounts.

    I mount the side arms snug 1st, then go back and tighten the 12 and 6 oclock posts a little more snugger , then check for movement, if it not movable you are set to go.

    You are lucky that you did not damage the racquet, as there is great force on it while stringing it.The string could have ripped through the grommets and into the frame with the racquet moving. If all you did was ruin the string then you are lucky. The racquet must hold secure, but not so that you crank on the mounting knobs, as it does not take that much force.

    The link below will show you a video on mounting a racquet on a babolat 6 point machine, although not your machine, principles are the same. Follow what he does here and you should not have the racquet move on you.
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