Henin Hardenne > biggest disgrace of medern era!

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    Dec 8, 2005
    She was being out played.

    The point prior to her calling for trainer: she moved perfectly. It was one of the best and longest and toughest points I've ever seen. ...And she moved perfectly.

    She quit.

    She over-inflated her pain because she knew shw couldn't win.

    Amelie Mauresmo gave her adult life to winning a slam. She deserved the right to celebrate. Do you know how hard she worked? Do you knw how many hours she spent? Do you know how many majors she tried to win... but failed.

    This was supposed to be her moment in HISTORY.

    She was supposed to win this match BECAUSE OFher play, NOT because of another's injury. Hardenne stole the biggest moment of her career.

    Hardenne should be banned from tennis. Her cowardly act can never be erased. She quit because she was outmatched AND SHE USED HER PAIN to destroy the climax of Mauresmo's life.

    Mauresmo did not get her moment -- her one moment to celebrate.

    This was the worst thing that has ever happened in tennis. Hardenne is a coward. How did she play that point before calling for the trainer? How did she move so well if she was deathly ill?


    This was a final of a grand slam...and Hardenne quit for emotional reasons.

    She destroyed something sacred.

    Mauresmo deserved her celebration.

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