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Interesting to see if she can get well and practice on the grass for Wimby. I'd love to see her get healthy and give the sistahs a battle in the UK.


She'll be back, though. Justine seems a little frail, however. She might be much stronger physically than she used to be, but it seems that she gets sick relatively frequently. Didn't she have mono a couple of years ago, requiring another vacation from the tour?

Camilio Pascual

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Agree, it would be exciting to see Henin in the final or semis, against Serena in particular. I'm just glad she got jerked out so early at RG because of last year's grease job there. Serena can make up a huge amount of ground on Henin right away now.


y hate to see her out. the best backhand in womens tennis. i would love to see her take out serena "the beast" williams again...

chad shaver

She probably does have a weak immune system. I had mono when I was in the fifth grade (now 31), and I have to be very careful even now.

I usually catch a mild case of any illess to which I am exposed, and reaching a physical "peak" (if you've ever had a time when everything about your game seems to work perfectly for a day/night, you'll understand) is almost always followed immediately by a case of the flu. It's very bizarre and very FRUSTRATING.


This loss was really disheartening, I had been looking forward to HH beating Serena in the final for months. I just couldn't believe that she lost all confidence in her shots. I don't remember ever seeing this in a pro player before, where it really looked like they were nervous to have the ball come back over the net. I really hope that she can post some good results at Wimbledon, but that is her worst surface (and Serena's best).

Camilio Pascual

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Henin's off the hook from me, she has served her sentence and been kind enough to lose early at RG. She is a great player and, as a Serena fan, I'd love to see those 2 hook up at the Wimby finals, win or lose. Henin is the most worthy opponent today to Serena and vice versa. Those 2, especially with a rejuvenated Venus in the mix, can help put each other in the record books with Evert/Navratilova/Graf.

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It's not surprising she lost to Garbin. Garbin is a tough clay courter if you are not on top of your game. JHH is someone who needs match play to get in form, and Clijsters is the same way. It is just too bad for WTA when JHH, Clisters, Serena, and Venus can not be healthy at the same time.

So far this year at French, it seems those who didn't play much on clay before French don't do well. I am not sure about Serena's chance at the French this year. This is probably the best chance for Mauresmo to win at French. Mauresmo matches up better against Venus and Jennifer than against Serena. I am not sure about Serena's form so far. Her play since her comeback has been more lackluster than I expected. I expected her to comeback to her old form more quickly than she has been since she didn't need as many matches play as JHH. I would pick Serena if she can come out of against Jennifer, Venus; otherwise, I would pick Mauresmo.
Finally Justine loses. It's about time she got punished for bad play in the earlier rounds. Too often she has escaped from being burned.