Henin vs Clijsters

Who will win the Clijsters-Henin semi?

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  • Clijsters in 3

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Who do you think will win this match? This is one of the best long standing rivalries in womens tennis. Henin has 3 of her 4 slam titles beating Clijsters in the final, and Clijsters has lost 4 of her 5 slam finals, 3 of the 4 to Henin in the final.


Go Kimmie! I think she's over the psychological block she used to have playing justine in a big match
i dont like JHH simplex virus at all and i hope Clijsters kicks her booty. She is a quitter and a cheater and deserves no respect.

Kim will probably lose though, so sux for me. it doesnt matter anyway. everyone wanted hingis to win badly and the winner on the mens side will far overshadow the winner on the women's (media-wise). the fed-nadal match will be a huge story.


OrangeOne said:
Stunningly mature :/.


Mr. Henin-Hardenne says to watch what you say.


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Viper said:
I don't like either of them, but I hope Clijters wins.

Well, well, well, lol, for all of you hoping for Kim to beat Justine, sooorry. Maybe, next time :cool: