Henin: will she return?

Will Henin return?

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god I hope not. cheaters that leave should remain gone.
oh come on, don't be so defensive. I'm sure she wouldn't be able to come up with those "lucky shots" that she used to. Serena is safe...don't worry, be happy.
god I hope not. cheaters that leave should remain gone.
I am not a big Henin fan but the fact is the womens game is sorely short on quality players at the moment. The womens game needs another great player to compliment the shallow pool of them that exists now, they need someone who can atleast give the French Open a worthy winner each year as it appears NONE of the remaining women are even good enough at this point in time on clay to win the French and whoever does stumbles into it by default, and it needs someone who can atleast compete with Serena Williams (Venus sort of does but that whole sister thing and is mostly just a grass courter these days). So for her tennis alone and what she brings to the overall picture of the womens game IMO she is definitely needed, no matter how much of a classless cheating beetch she might be.

Andy G

God I hope so. The only reason Serena is winning all the slamsis because Henin is gone. If not for her seperation and divorce, she would have been cleaning up the last 2 years. Of 8 slams in 08-09, I think she would've got at least 6 if not more. She went 6 of 8 in 06-07, Maybe Grand or Golden Slam in 08 if her head was on straight. At her best, she was awesome, the best of this generation.