Henin's size and racquet.

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    Henin is an elite athlete with 7 slams. Regardless of her current poor form, I have no doubt that she'll get regain her form and be a contender and probably win more Slams.

    She is fairly small in this day and age of what Mary Carillo calls "big babe" tennis. In fact, she's smaller than Martina Hingis. Yet, she can hit with the best of them, usually. She has superb technique and can knows how to use her full swing and body to generate pace.

    But, she has to work awfully hard to do it. She can't just muscle the ball like the Williams or Capriati, just to name a few. She really has to be right in place and get the ball right in her strike zone, and for the most part, she can do that, because she was excellent anticipation and footwork.

    But, I think this may be the reason why she has these terrible off days against big opponents in big tourneys while looking like a world-beater on other days. Her general margin for error isn't as big because she has to work so hard and so accurately to maintain the sort of pace and depth to go shot for shot with some of the big hitters. Her game may be more complete and prettier than say Serena or Sharpova, but when they're on and hitting deep and more consistently than they often do, this really doesn't matter.

    Also, she uses a head heavy frame, which helps her generate pace, but I would assume that it can also lead to a lot more errors even if she's only slightly off.
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    Trust me she will come back, the greats always do...

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