Hernandez v. Becker

Discussion in 'Pro Match Results and Discussion' started by simi, May 16, 2007.

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    Feb 23, 2004
    Now, I'm not a clay court type of guy and normally do not enjoy watching televised matches (on clay). Clay is too boring to me (too much baseline bashing), and its difficult to see the ball. Not seeing the ball could be good, as it forces me to watch the players. When I watch just one player for a point, I can get a good sense of his movement, footwork, etc.

    Anyway, the second set between qualifier Oscar Hernandez and Benjamin Becker yesterday was probably the best set of tennis I've seen in years! I realize that these are two 'nobodies' playing a first round match, but that second set had everything. Great points, all styles of play, tension, drama, back-and-forth, neither giving a inch . . . that set had it all. If you still have it recorded, it's worth watching before deleting off the DVR.

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