Hewitt and "the downward spiral"

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    I think its disturbing with all those comments about players being
    over and going downward. Lets look over some very telling facts
    about Hewitt in 2004 and 2005. Lets have a look at the slams,
    since results in the slams obviously is a good measure of a players
    true abilities:

    2004 Australian Open: 4th round (lost to Federer - eventual winner)
    2004 French Open: QF (lost to Gaudio - eventual winner)
    2004 Wimbledon QF (lost to Federer - eventual winner)
    2005 Us Open F (lost to Federer)

    2005 Australian Open F (lost to Safin)
    2005 French Open (did not compete)
    2005 Wimbledon SF (lost to Federer - eventual winner)
    2005 US Open SF (lost to Federer - eventual winner)

    Im turning to the slams for guidance because its for the
    slams Hewitt is best prepared mentally and physically and
    they are what matters. As you can see here, Hewitt has lost
    to Federer five (5) times in the last 7 slams he has been
    playing - always late in the tournament. I think we can agree
    that the level of Hewitt during 2004 and 2005 is as good as
    in 2001 and 2002 (when he was the year end no 1) - and this
    is was Hewitt is telling every journalist in every interview. Yes -
    he had a slip in 2003. And this year he has had some problems -
    but that has a lot to do with injurys. Injurys which - by the way -
    has forced him to withdraw from a lot of the clay court seasons
    in 2004 and 2005. This, of course, has affected his ranking. But
    as a player - when it matters: in the slams - Hewitt is just as
    dangerous as ever. It's just that Federer came along - and Federer
    is a better player than Hewitt as we all know.

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