Hewitt Backhand

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  1. Obviously the effectiveness is there but technically is this a good shot?


    He bunts the ball very flat, pushing the racquet forward through the impact point. No topspin, very unlike the textbook 2 handed backhand. He has to have insane timing on nearly every ball and does not get any topspin to add margin for error/control on his shots. Im surprised how consistent he is with this technique you would think he would hit so many balls long considering he control the ball with spin.
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    May 16, 2006
    Way too stiff. There is no flex what so ever in his take back or follow thru. This is what I consider a technical flaw in his backhand. All his power is waist and shoulder driven. There's little hip rotation or relaxation in the arms.

    I feel he loses 30% of his power right there and makes his ball lacking in heaviness. You rarely seem him follow all the way around the shoulders.

    If you want to a beautiful small guy 2H backhand, check this guy out...


    or this guy....


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