Hewitt Calls Tactical Time out


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I'm watching this Federer-Hewitt match and Federer just hammered Hewitt 6-0 in the third set. Hewitt was running around in the 3rd set like the cartoon character Speedy Gonzales and then when he looses it 6-0 he calls an 'injury' time-out.

It's now 1-1 forth set as I write this and Hewitt is running just fine.


Timeout for hewitt to refocus.. I think Fed's mental game is strong enough to be unharmed by any injury/crowd/mac tactics.


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what is happening? Roger just got broke in the 4th set...
Is Hewitt disrupting Roger's rythm? is Roger just playing bad tennis? I need to know. I think this may go to a 5th set....I really wished that Federer could retain his aura of invincibility on grass until the finals, but now I'm just hoping he can pull this off...


oh come on guys, Hewitt took the medical time out while Federer went for a toilet break.

Don't think that's any tactical plan there.

Brian Purdie

I think Hewitt would be a huge proponant again tactitcal timeouts. He got hurt by some loser in the 1st round of the Australian Open 2002 when his opponent took a very obvious 5 minute medical timeout on Hewitt's set point. Hewitt lost the set and the match.