Hewitt family calcium deficit?


... or perhaps it's just sub-standard accommodation. Lol.
Lleyton's sister Jaslyn broke her wrist "in the bathroom" around the time of the AO, and now Lleyton has apparently suffered a similar domestic incident, cracking 2 ribs.
Someone asked about Jaslyn in another thread. She's 22 and from 1999 has progressed from ranking 990 to 357 this month in Tier 4 tourney in Estoril.
Wouldn't be surprised if she had the same genetic gifts as her brother, without any of the true grit. If she could turn it on, who knows? Have not seen her play so no info on that, but seeing the siblings and Kim together, they looked like 3 peas in a pod. And Bec Cartwright is not dissimilar either...
Spends most of her time with the parents cheering on either Lleyton or longtime b/f Joachim Johansson who, btw, jumped up the rankings when he joined the entourage and began practising with Lleyton.
JJ's current form makes me wonder if there has been a rift of some sort. ;)
Pix of her can be found by a Google image search.
Sorry Andrew,

but I gotta disagree.

seen her play man........ wasnt impressed.

She usually comes over to europe around this time with the whole family and plays futures/supports big brother.

the whole family walk round like they are gods gift.......to what¿

she wants to win something before that head gets any bigger.

if my big bro was bankrolling my tennis adventure/airfares/hotels... Id want to pay him back a bit with some humilty.

besides i HATE TO SEE WILD CARDS GOING TO WASTE, good job someone decided to stop doling them out to her




Perhaps. Who else is she going to meet? She has always travelled with the Griswolds everywhere - and I've seen them a lot, and far too close up - so not much hope of a "normal" life.
More research reveals that she does have a bit of attitude, but not much aptitude. I guess she's just in the family business.

Haka Boy

tricky nicky said:
the whole family walk round like they are gods gift.......to what¿
Your right, Saw them all at the Aussie open, I think he surrounds himself with his family and various people as a form of protection. I don’t think he could even fart without his parents’ permission. As for Jaslyn she’s a wannabe stemming from her parents egos.