Hewitt into 3rd Round!!!



Any one see Lleyton Hewitt today? He was on fire, saved match point and went on to win the match at this rate he'll be back in the top 5 in no time.


I got called in at 3 this morning. When I got back, I couldn't sleep and Hewitt was one. He had lost the first set and was down two breaks in the second. I really thought he had no chance at all. Congrats on a hard fought, gritty comeback victory against a real dirt baller.

TTC has, without exception, the best coverage of anyone I've ever seen. Maybe it's because they're letting the BBC commentators do all the talking. To all across the pond, y'all have it good!


Yeah, and I love how the TTC isn't available at all here! Crappy ESPN coverage... no coverage... makes ESPN look a whole lot better.


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Gaston definitely threw this one away. How any one who was up 6-1 and double break in the second could not put this away is really beyond belief. Even Lleyton himself admitted he was lucky to have won this match. All credit to Rusty for pulling this off. But still such a pity to see someone as stylish and talented as Gaudio lose a match he should have won.


Well Gaudio served for the match at 5-4 and threw in some doubles. Then he pulled a tank job worse than the Rios kind in the 3rd. This guy is seriously worse than Safin and Rios in the mental department.


It's a painful match to watch for Gaudio. He was totally outplaying Hewitt and could have easily won it in straight sets but choked big time. So sorry trdrz, I won't use this match to consider Hewitt capabilities to be back on top 5. But still credit to him to hang in there, that's what any players should probably do while playing Gaudio, after all he's gonna choke no matter how well he's playing before that.


Well, so much for that run. Hewitt was beaten by Rainer Schutler today in three sets. Looks like Hewitt will have to wait longer to get his first title on the red clay. I find it strange that he can grind and be patient on hardcourts and grass, but he has tremendous trouble out-grinding the "true" claycourt players. It must be the movement factor. I have to take a good look at Hewitt and see if he is sliding into his shots, or sliding after his strokes to stop himself. I suspect the latter.


That's a shame. I was looking forward to Hewitt facing Coria down the road. Although, I don't think it'd be much of match... Coria is playing phenomenal tennis right now.


Wait, what did Hewitt do?

And what is this I hear about Schuettler arguing an out serve and pulling out his camera phone or something? I really don't like him, such a horribly boring game and personality.