Hewitt/Moya & Federer/Karlovic matches

Since I live on the west coast, none of NBC's east coverage aired here. If anyone on the east coast taped the coverage, I'd really like to get a copy of it. I'm willing to trade/pay. I have a pretty large collection of matches from the 70s to today. thanks!


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Kevin, the coverage was on ESPN. And I think it was broadcast nationwide.

In any event, I don't think any significant part of the Hewitt/Moya match was aired. I did see some of the Fed match, though. But I didn't tape it. I'm waiting for the Hewitt/Fed showdown. ;-)


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Wait, I just checked in another board, and saw that NBC did broadcast some of Moya/Hewitt match. Seems as though it was a strange day of coverage, with bits and pieces being shown here and there. I worked all day, and just taped a bit of ESPN. Hopefully someone else can help you. :lol:



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Juat thank your lucky stars that you don't live in a country where any Japanese woman player's match (even if it's doubles) takes precedence over anyone else's, even if it's the best players in the world. Federer? Roddick? No way, not when you have Ai Sugiyama playing! Usually she crashes in the first or second round, but unfortunately for me, she's reached the quarters. But it was very nice to see the Hewitt-Moya match following her match. That was a FUN match to watch-even though they're baseliners, they aren't BORING baseliners. If it were Ferrero or Coria, I'd be snoozing after the first set. Oh yeah, and during the last week, between naps, I've had the great fortune to be treated to such other Japanese tennis "stars" as Shinobu Asagoe, Akiko Morigami and Saori Obata-but no Henman or Roddick and only one Federer match. How exciting!! I usually turn the tube off as soon as the announcers say the names of the Japanese players, but I did watch Asagoe-Raymond because I enjoy watching Lisa Raymond serve and volley. If Lisa wasn't built like a bowling ball, she might have more success in singles.
I've got the Fed-Karlovic game on DVD (or will have soon). I don't have the Moya-Hewitt as it was being played at the same time and chose not to record the last set and a bit that I watched.

If u're interested in a copy of the Fed-Karlovic game feel free to email me at rosaponselle@hotmail.com
Thanks for all your responses,
I actually did get to see the 3rd set of Federer-Karlovic on ESPN's nightly 'best of' show. It sounds like NBC (or ESPN) didn't show much of Hewitt-Moya in either time zone, which I wanted to see.
ESPN 1et show is not being shown on the west coast as its blacked out. Whats the deal here? I have dish network and the 1et airing is supposed to be played at 10am, the same time as the nbc airing, but its being blacked out for me. Is this happening w/ other cable subscribers in the west coast? Damn Im losing 4 extra hours of coverage. Im just worried about missing the fed/hewitt match tomarrow.