Hewitt tried to win the Grand Slam in 2004 (tried to win 5 in a row!!!!)

I am a huge Hewitt fan, but I don't see him winning Ao 04beating Fed, Nalbandian, Ferraro amd Safin in a row, no chance in a hell he wins RG beating Gaudio, Nalbandian and Coria.
Similarly I don't think he can beat Fed and Roddick of 2004 back to back on grass.
Us open is the only place where I can think he has a chance,if somehow Agaasi wins fifth set against Fed and Beat Henman, meets Hewitt in the final completely gassed out, but do remember that Agassi beat Leyton in Cincy final just before the US open.
There is again no chance in hell he wins AO 2005 beating Fed if Fed defeats Safin.
Only us open 2004 was a realistic chance.