Hewitt vs. Baghdatis- the clash of two former finalists

Hewitt vs. Baghdatis

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I can't believe the guy did everything he could to leave such a great match. He should be ashamed. There are so many people who would so love to be at his place.


djoker is gonna get woken up by his coach to go practice . . . once he finds out these two were playing all night . . . he'll go back to sleep. no need to practice. heh!

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Baghdatis is doing that weird smile thing again.

Watch as all hell breaks loose again. Hopefully.

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I think that's the first time I saw Hewitt hug his opponent at the net. Oh what a match, what a day. That was 4h 45 minutes long, by the way. I'm gutted about Baggy, though.


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I think that's the first time I saw Hewitt hug his opponent at the net. Oh what a match, what a day. That was 4h 45 minutes long, by the way. I'm gutted about Baggy, though.

Definately the first time I've seen it. I didn't want either of them to lose, was a bit sad to see it end.

vive le beau jeu !

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but congratulations to both, they have been great fighters.

and 4am30, that must be a new record !
won't they make a little photo together close to the clock ? ;)


dude, i fcking <3 baghdatis, he gave it ALL!!!!!! litrerally.. he wanted to win so bad man, did u see him crying walking to the tunnel? poor guy, he enjoyed the match so much he wanted to win it so bad!.. the guy was smiling through all the momments anyone would be close to breaking down and he still got the 4th set... i just love this guy..


these past few matches have been so great, I nearly forgot about how bad ESPN2 coverage had been :D
Just reiterating the general point that that was an amazing match...

And I wish I could hang around to watch that Fed match replay, since this would be a perfect way to spend the first eight hours of my day.


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Someone should give Bags a medal. His courage is phenomenal. I hope he didn't do any permanent damage to that ankle. He is going to be in bad shape tomorrow, I fear.

But, props to Hewitt for also showing enormous heart.

Great match, for sure.

How close to the record is this match? I'm guessing it's about number 5 or so on the list of longest GS matches.



I cant believe i missed this, i had to go out at the end of the 3rd and ive just walked in. What was amazing about the match guys? was it just passion and tension or did the level of tennis get better too because they werent playing awesome when i had to leave


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What's John Lloyds problem???

to anybody that watched the match today on bbc i what was John Lloyds problem with Marcos Bagdhatis??? The moaning old sod was practically moaning that Marcos decided to go for his shots and enjoy the game.

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this was a very good match. I liked that baghdatis came back in the 4t set after being down 5-1 and how he saved 4 match points. Good job ESPN for not having any ads.


Is it just me...
Or did that last alleged return winner from Hewitt look about an inch long and MAYBE caught the back half of the line???
I thought it was unbelievable that Baghdatis didn't even challenge the call...
What a cop out...
Quite the anti-climax there....