Hey Mate - It's the Davis Cup!

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    Sep 30, 2004
    Just thought I'd share a pleasant match experience.

    I play a Saturday arvo grass comp. We have lots of grass clubs here, and I hope they continue to survive, but of course there is pressure because of increasing land values, water restricitons and maintenance costs.

    Anyway, we last week we played the University team, and my singles opponent - a young student - had a strong accent, which he identified to me when I asked as Serbian. He was a nice guy, very European in his style of play - as if he'd been schooled on clay. Nice to have an opponent who swears in another language when he muffs a shot - lets you know that these frustrations cross national boundaries.

    His mate was watching us courtside, encouraging his friend (in Serbian) and complimenting me (in English) when I hit a good shot.

    They mixed up their dubs, so I got to watch these the two Serbs (very European style of play, big topspin hit from the baseline, two back, don't come to the net, lots of Serbian swearing) up against my Aussie mates (loving the grass, big on everything, coming in and having a go, lots of Aussie swearing) - it looked a bit like a Davis Cup Tie (except we won!)

    Great sportsmanship by both sides, a lot of fun to watch - warm handshakes from both sides and looking forward to the next meeting.

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