Hey TDub

well, I know with everyone bugging you for reviews and release dates, this post might be somewhat irritating, but I'm just dieing to know what Chris, Spencer, Jason, and the rest on the tw male posse think of the MG Prestige! just really want to know where it is on the back burner? any info would be welcome! :mrgreen:

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c66, thanks for posting the link.

KOS, we posted the Microgel Prestige review back in January.

Hope you enjoy it.

Chris, TW


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Also check out Drakulie's Microgel Prestige Mid Review thread.... definitely a good read if you can be bothered to go through all the pages.

Without offending TW.. they tend to disagree with the review and like i said... interesting read if you're into the racket.
WOW.. ok I really didn't know you guys did it already. I was looking and the page and there was no review button so I just assumed.... well, thanks. Oh and I did read Drak's post. very interesting I have to say.