Hey Venus: Is it against the rules to scream during a point?

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I'd really like to see a quote of the rule if there is one and if someone can post it.


I ask because of the full-on, extended, banshee screams that venus williams was using as a weapon to disrupt her opponents concentration, particularly during the third round of her doubles match today.

She quite obviously used it as a weapon to help herself win in a tremendous show of bad sportsmanship, because she wasnt doing it 1/10 as much during the first set when she and sis were winning the set.

but then they lost the second set.
and that's when venus brought out the scream weapon. She was using right in the middle of the points, all the points, in that third set.

I know she's not the only one who does something similar, but today it was so egregious that I really have to find out: What's the rule about screaming, yelling, etc., DURING a point?


Its stupid because she was screaming when she was playing the net just volleying. There is really no big exertion that would cause that loud of a shriek. Someone needs to kick her throat so she doesnt have a voice.


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Just you wait, the Venus defenders will soon be out here playing the race card.

Media will never penalize the Williams or any other big stars, or even question them about this.

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well two of a different race who spring immediately to mind are sharapova and azarenka. they do the same thing. but not exactly the same.

either way, they do it during points and, in azarenka's case, i think she does it on every, single stroke. sharapova might most closely approximate venus williams in loudness and length of shriek.

so let them be a test case: one black; one white


And the rules are color blind, so that's why i'm hoping someone has access to an online rule book or an actual rule book and can quote the rule.


Yeah its frickin' annoying. . .and that's for all the shriekers on the WTA, challengers, and girls juniors.



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They should fine WTA players for screaming above a certain decibel level.

I have never heard screaming that loud for simple volleys.


Honestly who the hell needs to scream during a volley? It's cheating plain and simple.