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    [​IMG]Hi fellow players!

    I wanted to let anyone who is a Disney fan know about a new novel I've written called HIDDEN MICKEY. This Action-Adventure novel is a mystery too, about Walt Disney and how three friends discover an unknown journal penned by Disney himself; one that hints at treasures and offers a subtle clue...a clue that leads the three on a wild, cross-country 'quest' for what the great storyteller may have left behind. The three friends find intriguing discoveries along the way...about the great man, his life, and about themselves.

    I hope many of you who are Disney fans will take a look at this 482 page book. My 8 years working for the Disney Corporation, and my co-author's exhastive research makes the fictional work come alive with authentic events and places in Walt Disney's life.

    Please forgive the obvious plug for this book. So many thousands have enjoyed my two tennis books that I hope many will also be entertained by this new book.

    A limited number of 1st editions will be made available on our web site of hiddenmickeybook.com.

    Enjoy the Quest!
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