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I know that high school tennis isn't as much of a deciding factor as USTA tournaments when it comes to getting looked at by colleges, but would playing doubles or singles in HS be preferred?

I'm asking this because: 1. With the schools I'm currently interested in, I would be far more likely to play doubles than singles. And 2. If I play doubles for HS, I have great odds at placing in state, whereas in singles, I may not even make it to state; I would say my chances are 50/50 for singles at this point in time.

Next year I'll be a Junior in HS(well I guess in 3 weeks I'll be a junior, not really "next year" anymore...), so I think that expands my options a little bit more. I could play doubles this year then go singles next year, where I would almost be guaranteed participation in state.

So I guess what I'm really asking is if playing singles or doubles matters in HS if you're playing both in USTA tournaments.
You had better get your PSATs scheduled and study-play doubles

Read EVERY post here by Coach Carter- Esp. the ties to newspaper articles- One says it is much easier to get a SCHOLAR scholarship V. athletics

NOTICE TO EVERYBODY There is a HUGE back up in the system, getting initially posted AND trying to get your test scores and other data updated.
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Oh, I'm covered academically. Based on my academics, I could go to virtually any school in the nation. I probably won't go to an Ivy simply because I don't want to spend the time cramming for SATs, and I wouldn't make any of their tennis teams.

Mark Vessels

so really you would rather go to a school that has a competive team and not based on academics?

And part of a scholarship may include SAT scores...start cramming


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To the OP, you should definately play doubles especially if that is what you prefer. Once to get to the state tourney you'll find good competition. It's a lot easier to get to state in doubs than singles.

If you can get the same partner for two years in a row, GO FOR IT. That's one less summer working on communication.


paly doubles, its much easier then single....only have to play a 8 game proset and ur job is done for the day, then u sit back with a gatorade and watch some good matches ;)
^ Since you have so much going with your academics, I will re-post that you should be reading Coach Carters newspaper clips that flat out explain why chasing pipe dreams in tennis don't pan out Vs. straight academic scholarships.

Since you pointed out your ability to go to virtually any school in the nation, why are you even bothering with all this tennis team qualifiying? Just go to the school best suited for your all-around goals, and walk on.

I mean, come on- Its not like you are turning Pro or anything after school, or that you need the money, since they will be throwing that at you with your test scores, so find the school that suits you and if tennis works- fine; If not, you will be having too much fun (or buried with too much work) to notice.
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Why don't you play both?

You live in Washington right?
Yes, I'm in Washington. I assume you're in the bellevue area, based on your reaction. They don't let us play singles and doubles in the same match-up because of lack of courts here, we play just 1 and 2 singles, then 1-3 doubles, and you can't play in more than one match. We probably could have had more matches, had most schools in our district opted for 6 courts instead of 4 +lights. The lights at my school, which probably cost the district $30,000, don't even work because our athletic director is to lazy to get someone to fix the timer. /rant

Right now I'm leaning towards singles because 1. there's no one in my grade that I can play with and 2. The one kid that I might partner up with may not even try out (he got kicked off two years ago, then quit last year. No one really likes our coach; by the end of the year last year we had 12 kids, down from 22 that we started with AFTER cuts.)


I was in the exact same boat you are in right now about 6 years ago. I was a very competitive singles player, but much better in doubles. I had the grades to go where I wanted, but wanted to play D1...
It is possible, my senior year I won the 5A state doubles tournament which really helped my chances of playing D1 or other college (which I did). Also, be sure to put together a really good video for the coaches you want to try to play for, without a high ranking, they are going to want to see what you really have.

In college, specialists (singles or doubles) aren't really looked as highly upon as everyone plays everything. My advice is to do your absolute best in doubles and try your best in the singles (try to put in some extra time to build up your singles game) for the matches you do play.

One thing that people severely overlook is that coaches are also looking for a GOOD ATTITUDE and INTELLIGENCE... Many coaches are willing to take a chance on an American kid, you may just be a hitting partner for a year or two, but you will eventually make it there with hard work, a great attitude, and some decent results...

One thing to remember, D1 is not the only college tennis. There are a ton of really good tennis schools that are D2 and D3 with amazing academics that will give you a really good opportunity for a good education and some fun playing tennis. D1 tennis will rule your life and sometimes take away from school (the reason I quit playing).

Hope this helps and good luck with your tennis!!!