Higher Launch Angel Hybrid Setup


Hello, would like fellow tennis players experience with Hybrid string that offer higher launch angle than what I've tested.

Strings that I've tried:
Velocity 16 + Yonex Poly Tour Air 16L at 52/50 on Yonex Ezone 2022
Triax 16 + Yonex Poly Tour Air 16L at 54/52 on Head Graphene XT Radical S

I found Triax offered more spin, better ball pocketing, plow through and higher launch angle than V/YPTA, but V offer more comfort with a little muted feeling on the string but lower launch angle.

I currently have X-ONE Biphase and am wondering hybrid it with YPTA, will it create higher launch angle ? Or do you have any other recommendation ?

Thank you for reading, hope to hear everyone soon :)