Higher level clay season?

2008 Federer or 2021 Nadal?

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2008 Federer: Estoril W (Davydenko), MC F (Nadal), Rome QF (Stepanek), Hamburg F (Nadal), RG F (destroyed by Nadal)

2021 Nadal: Barcelona W (Tsitsipas), MC QF (Rublev), Madrid QF (Zverev), Rome W (Djokovic), RG SF (Djokovic)


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Cut to the chase. The only important question here is do you believe 2008 Federer would beat 2021 Nadal at RG.


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2008 Federer was actually quite good on clay and played close and exciting matches against Nadal in Monte Carlo and Hamburg. The French Open final was just an anomaly, and actually for both Federer and Nadal. Everything came together (and had to be) to make it that lopsided.

But who was better in this topic is difficult to say. It’s the question what is rated higher, Federer reaching the RG final or Nadal winning a Masters. I think winning a Masters is better because reaching the 2021 RG final or not only depended on meeting Djokovic before the final or not.