Hip to be square: "R" you ready? Yonex R Series...


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R3 7 10 22 24 24 50

Difficult to find here in london. Funny how they are always in great condition - I presume yonex users to be most respectful and not mistreat their rackets.:???:

R3 must be my best aluminium stick of all time.
R7 always wanted in 1984 but spent all my pocket money on prince graphite 90.
R10 best graphics - so understated.
R22 a benchmark sure - but previous 3 impressed me more.
R24 Japan version
R24 normal version



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I've been playing with this R-30 and I LOVE IT! Where have you been all my life? This is the heaviest racquet I've ever used (13.2oz) and now I realize all my racquets have been too light.



I like the R-22, the R-24 is even better and the R-27 Rexborn is even a tad bit better feel to it. The R-24 has an ever so slightly larger head. If you can get one in the U,S,L it's really darn light and very useable even today. I also picked up an ultra sweet Cyborg 2200 and man does that baby hit well! I love that thing! Only bad thing is it's not a full 27" and I need to get an XTP butt extender and get it a little longer and change the SW a tad. I think it will be glorious then!
Love the "R" series. My last Yonex thrift store find was a R-23. I'll have to post a 'family' pick of all my Yonex's one day..if I can find a wall big enough to lean them on!


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The R-10 was a sleeper...too expensive at the time to be very popular(as the R-7 was king/queen in that silhouette); but I strung my demo with VS nat back in '84 and had one of my best "wins" ever the first time I used it :)
I'm down to aluminum frames from the period, some "Rex" and a few oval. I'll never get rid of my 8500; but the others are just in storage I'm afraid.
Buenas **** es, quisiera hacer una consulta ...
me consegui la yonex rexplay 1 para usarla como raqueta de juego y queria saber todo sobre la raqueta, desde su descripción hasta sus características porfavor, seria de mucha ayuda, gracias.