hitting partners racquets??


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just for fun, what are the racquets that you regular hitting partners are using? You can add some info like this:

#1: Yonex RDS001 MIDs, stock (lefty, power baseliner, 2hbh)
#2: Wilson Kpro, customized (counterpouncher, solid baseline game, 1hbh)
#3: Head TI Radicals MP, customized (all around game, 1hbh)


#1: Prince O3 Speedport Black, stock (all courter, 2hbh)
#2: Head Instinct, stock (all courter, 1hbh)
#3: Babolat Aeropro Drive (power baseliner, 1hbh)
#4: Wilson Walmart, stock (pusher, always-intoNet-backhand) :)


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1) Extreme Pro&6.1 classic/2hbh all court but mainly baseline
2) Aero Strike/2hbh all court
3)Yonex RQ iS 1 Tour/2hbh all court
4) Prince Tour NXG (not sure what head size she uses)/2hbh baseline
5)K90&KPS88/S&V and allcourter 1hbh
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1) head mg prestige pro (all courter)
2) wilson kblade 98 (all courter)
3) babolat apdc (baseliner)
4) babolat pure drive 110 (baseliner)


1)APDC, Defensive Baseliner that can play the net, 2HB
2)K90, All-court, 1HB
3)Youtek Speed Pro, Aggressive Baseliner, 2HB
4) Microgel Radical, Pusher, 2HB



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  1. N6.1 Tour 90 stock (lefty, attacking baseliner and doubles specialist, 1hbh)
  2. K6.1 95 16x18 stock (baseliner, weak serve, 2hbh)
  3. FXP Radical Tour stock (defensive baseliner, big serve, 2 and 1 hbh)
  4. PS6.0 95 7g at 3/9 (inconsistant player, non-existant serve, 2hbh)
  5. RDS003 stock (attacking baseliner, good serve, 2hbh)
  6. O3 Speedport Black stock (decent baseliner, weak serve, 2hbh)


Pure Drive w/o cortex stock (baseliner, 2hbh)
Prince Hybrid Spectrum stock (all-courter, 1hbh)
ksix-one 95 18x20 leaded up (all-courter, 1hbh, huge serve)


1.Kblade 98 (all round, power baseline. 2HBH)
2.Pro Kennex Copper Ace (Baseliner, 2HBH)
3.K90 Tour (All round/Serve Volley, 1HBH)
4.Head Flexpoint Radical (all around/baseline/2HBH)
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1. Babo PS limited/ 2hbh all courter
2. Dunlop AG 200 / 1hbh power baseliner
3. K90/ 1hbh all courter
4. MG radical/ 2hbh pusher


1. Wilson KZen (righty, 1hbh slicer)
2. Wilson Hammer (purple color, righty, 1hbh slicer)
3. Prince Graphite OS (righty, 2hbh, power baseliner, all court)
4. Head LM Radical (righty, fly swatter bh, erratic fh, likes to stand 3 inches from the net and block balls )
5. Prince Seductor (righty, 36-24-34, perfect strokes, monster serve, weekend warrior)
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#1 - Head Radical Oversize Agassi Limited Edition (tall, athletic, big serve, consistent attacking, mostly baseline but can volley, 1hbh, can get too conservative/tentative on the big points)
#2 - Yonex RDS 001, both mid and MP's (tall, all out attack, good technique on GS but inconsistent mostly due to slowish movement / being out of position, 1 hbh. Poor volleys)
#3 - Babolat Aeropro Drive stock (short attacking baseliner, good flat forehand, inconsistent 2hbh, inconsistent serve, VERY good movement. Poor volleys)
#4 - Fischer Pro no 1 red/black 330 g (ex babolat user,push, slice and dice...annoying opponents is his main tactic...OK volleys)
#5 - Head MG prestige Mid (recently) + Head i. Prestige Mids (backups) (mid height, very good mover, athletic, strong serve and forehand, inconsistent 1 hbh, can volley very well but doesn't have the proper mindset...especially on clay)
#6 - Head LM Prestige Mid's (tall, strong, moves well, academy type tennis, HUGE serve, HUGE forehand, less powerful and slightly more inconsistent when attacked 2hbh backhand. Very good technically on volleys as well, but doesn't volley all that often...it's usually the "big serve/big forehand" that does the damage)

All of the above (all regular hits) are right handers.


#1-kBlade 98 leaded to 12oz 5pts hl, 5.0 chipNcharge/S&V. My gf. SHORTnTINY:)
#2-k90 stock, 5.0 attacking baseline player. Very Tall, Built
#3-PDR leaded to 12.5oz 8pts hl, 4.5 counter puncher/all-courter. Tall, Built

Me-oZone Pro Tour mp leaded to 13oz 8pts hl, 4.5 all-courter. Very Tall, Built
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1. Wilson Prostaff Tour 90 ( 13.0oz ), baseliner - aggressive baseliner
2. Head LiquidMetal Radical Mid+ ( 12.1oz ) counter puncher
3. Prince TT Warrior ( stock ) counter puncher
4. Wilson N6.1 Prostaff Tour 90 ( stock ) counter puncher
5. Pro Kennex Redondo Mid ( stock ) All Around

my racket - Wilson Kblade Tour ( 12.7 oz ) All around


1. Prince O3 Speedport Tour
2. Wilson K Factor K-SixOne 95 18X20
3. Wilson K Factor K-SixOne 95 18X20
4. Fischer M Comp 95

Mr. Hokey

#1 Yonex RDS-001 Mid (1HBH/Lefty, decent strokes but poor movement and fitness. Aggressive/flat 1HBH, loopy/semi-consistent forehand. Likes to volley but has average approach shots. Slice serve with average to below average pace. Good passing shots off forehand.)

#2 Head PC600 (1HBH/Righty, above average groundstrokes. Plays with a lot of spin and touch. Can change shot direction fairly easily. Massive kick serve. Great volleys, dropshots, and lobs. Good passing shots off of both wings.)

#3 Wilson K Factor 6.1 95 (2HBH/Righty, Aggressive baseline game with very good volleying technique. Flat strokes, less consistent off of cross court forehand but is good inside-out. Very stable 2HBH. Heavy flat serve. Consistent/deep returns.)


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1. Prince Speedport tour (baseliner massive topspin right hander ohbh)
2. Prince Speedport Black (baseliner right hander ohbh)
3. Babolat Puredrive Roddick (baseliner right hander thbh)
4. Prince Speedport Black (baseliner right hander ohbh pusher)
5. Babolat Puredrive standard (baseliner lefty slice master ohbh)
6. Prince O3 Blue (Allcourter thbh)
7. Prince O3 Blue (Baseliner right hander thbh)


1. John - Donnay pro1 Int'l (s & v)
2. Franco - Wilson k6.1 95 (slicer and chop shotter)
3. Puerta - Head LM Radical/FXP Prestige (baseliner, former FSU tennis team player)
4. Aaron - Wilson ntour (baseliner)
5. Gottfried - Wilson k90 (pusher)
6. Alex - Dunlop AG500 (all courter)
#1) npro open with prince syn gut at 58 pounds
#2) prince 03 speedport black with wilson hollow core at 62 pounds
#3) wilson k6.1 team with prince lightning xx
#4) babolat pure drive cortex with pro hurricane tour
#5) ncode tour 90 with gamma tnt at 60 pounds


The 3 people I hit with regularly:

Babolat AreoPro Drive (non Cortex)
Head Prestige Microgel Mid
Babolat Pure Storm Tour

Incidentally, I also string all of them as well.

Matty G

1) Fxp Prestege Mids (u18 National Team)
2) AG 300 4D (u16 National Team)
3) AG 300 4D (Coach)
4) AG 300 4D (Ex Pro / Coach)
5) K-Blade (Coach)

Most of the people i play in tournrments then use K-Blades , MG Radicals , K6.1s , AG 200 or 300 , PDC and APDC


My regular tennis partners:

#1 Babolat Pure Drive w/Cotex (Righty, Power/topspin baseliner, 1hbh)

#2 Head Prestige Pro/and other various racquets (Righty, Flat shot baseliner, 1hbh)

#3 Volkl DNX 10 mid (Power baseliner, 1hbh)


1. Wilson nTour Two (18s Super Champ)
2. Wilson n6.1 95 - 16x18 (ex-18s Champ and 16s Super Champ)
3. Wilson nTour Two (the aforementioned players dad.)

1 and 2 are all courters, and are both right handed. 3 is a junk baller and all courter, and also right handed.


1. Wilson K Six-One 95 16x18 w/ Wilson Sensation 17 (moonballer, 1hbh)
2. Wilson Hyper Hammer Mid+ w/ Wilson Stamina 15 (baseliner, sick touch game, 2hbh)
3. Babolat Z Drive Lit w/ Babolat Hurricane Tour (lefty, spin meister, 2 hbh)


1.KTour (baseliner)
2.Microgel Radical (powerful junkballer)
3.KBlade 98 (baseliner)
4.Prince O3 something (moonballer/net player)
5.Pure Storm (aggressive baseliner)
6.Pure Drive (net player/baseliner)
7.KBlade 98 (aggressive baseliner)

get it in

#1: Prince O3 White, stock (usually a baseliner, 2hbh)
#2: Prince TT Warrior, stock (aggresive baseline, 2hbh)
#3: Any one of 10 in his quiver, it doesn't matter (former open champion, 2hbh)

My teaching pro: Dunlop Aerogel 500, stock (slice and dicer, 1hbh). It really doesn't matter what he uses. He's won open tournaments before and he'll kick my butt any day of the week even though he's 40+ years old. You have to paint the lines get a point.


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guy I hit with ALL the time >>>

uses the old Dunlop Muscle Weave has eight of them, but they are biting the dust theese days so he's moving on to the Babolat LTD heavily leaded they weigh 13.7 oz. he finally made the commitment to the LTD and bought 5 of them.


#1. Wilson N61 95(all court 2HBH)
#2. Wilson K61 Team(baseliner 2HBH)
#3. Head Ti(all court 2hbh)

My coach uses a Wilson Ktour and mainly uses a 2hbh but can do a good 1hbh.
the coach is sponsored by wilson, so most of the kids at my highschool use wilson stuff.
I use a Babolat Aerostorm Tour modded to 12.6 oz and 9.5 pts HL I use a 1HBH.