Hitting Practice Groundstokes or Serves During Match


Some players, notably Azarenka ask for a ball after the point is over and then practice hitting the stroke they just missed during a game. I saw her do it today against Wozniaki. She also did it after she missed a serve. She asked the ball boy for the ball she just missed and then hit the ball back. Caroline is pretty cool but it looked like it slightly annoyed her. I find that annoying. It disrupts the natural rhythm of the game. In my opinion a player should be prohibited from asking a ball boy for a ball and then hitting it across the net in between points. She's annoying enough with those damn shrieks. I mute the sound when I watch her or Sharapova.

Anyone else think this is annoying.


If the balls is near you and you hit one last stroke, its OK (All players do that). If you ask for a ball just for the sake of hitting the stroke you just missed its annoying.