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Discussion in 'Tennis Tips/Instruction' started by TheGreatBernie, Jun 15, 2005.

  1. TheGreatBernie

    TheGreatBernie Rookie

    Mar 30, 2005
    When I'm playing tennis with a friend who sucks for fun, I find myself trying to hi the ball softly so it's not too tough for them. In doing so, I find myself not playing as well and it's tough to get into a flow. It's like I'm babying it TOO much. Does anyone else have this problem?
  2. kevhen

    kevhen Hall of Fame

    Feb 20, 2004
    Auckland, New Zealand
    Yeah it's tough to hit soft and under control with the right pace and bounce and depth so a beginner can rally with you. My topspin shots tend to jump up too high or the slice too low or since I need to hit short so they don't have to hit a difficult ball I will net the ball more. It's not too fun to play a beginner but it forces you to focus on hitting then the perfect easy ball so at least they can rally with you some. But it's the exact opposite of what you are normally trying to do, of giving your opponent the toughest ball to return.
  3. alexss

    alexss Guest

    Try to coach/spar your son/daughter ( before they pass the 5.0 mark and can blow you of the court...) I find it very difficult to play with my son and immediately go play with adults...I think it's more mental.
    The good part is that allthough I tend to hit medium pace I also tend to control the placement and the spin of the shot and that helped my game.

    I guess I should mention that my son is trying to play 3.5 and I "try" to play 5.0 and he's 12 and I'm :arrow:
  4. TwistServe

    TwistServe Guest

    This is why most teaching pros feed and rally with beginners using the continental grip. It gives a very neutral feed.

    Though if you want to be good you have to develop 3 types of swings: Fast, medium, slow... using these three types of swings you should be able to achieve the same amount of depth... the only difference is the spin involved.
  5. TennsDog

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    Feb 26, 2004
    I always have a hard time hitting controled slow shots. When I slow them down, they go higher and deeper, making it tough for a lesser hitting partner to hit.
  6. TheGreatBernie

    TheGreatBernie Rookie

    Mar 30, 2005
    Yeah exactly. I find myself working a lot harder during the points when I'm hitting softly opposed to when I'm free flowing and can freely swing at the ball.
  7. mistapooh

    mistapooh Semi-Pro

    Aug 13, 2004
    I look at it as a way of working on control and touch =/.

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