Holiday camp for needed for 11 year old

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    My son is plays travel soccer....and plays tennis as well. He is at the age where he is about to make a decision on what sport he is going to focus on. For background, he is 11 and has done pretty well for what I call a part-time player, having won some small sanctioned tournaments. He has only just begun to compete in some higher quality events. He has nice groundstrokes but his serve, volley, and overhead need help.

    We have discussed him going to a tennis camp over the holidays for 1) good technical instruction 2) fun and 3) to keep his interest in the sport growing (I not so secretly want him to play tennis, but of course this is up to him). I have looked at the websites for Newks, Evert, Saddlebrook, etc...I am open to anywhere warm that meets the criteria above. Its possible that I take the rest of the family so he might end up being a day camper.

    1. He is not a star, but nor is he a low intermediate...I am wondering where he can go to have enough quality players to hit with etc?

    2. How full are these camps at XMAS?

    3. Are the quality of the staffs diluted over the some of them go home for the holidays, etc?

    Alternatively we could stay home and I could do some instruction locally and maybe he could enter a holiday tournament...would save some money for sure.

    Appreciate any thoughts on holiday camps.

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